Home Theaters Could Increase The Value Of Your Home Substantially

Home theaters have been popular for some time now and an interesting trend is showing up in the Real Estate marketplace because of them.

Florida, California, Chicago and many other areas are now seeing some pretty incredible property value increases because of them. The only problem is they are not a great fir for every home, but the ones with the room (or a room) for them are reaping the benefits.

A simple, yet nice home theater can give you over double the investment in returns for a quality home theater in your home, but only a small percentage of homes have the room to build them out.

The average 3 bedroom home is lacking space to pull this off unless you are single or a couple without children, giving you the room to have it. This could cause problems selling a smaller home bacusee of the market homes built for families and in family neighborhoods.

The larger sq, ft. homes with 4, 5 or even 6  bedrooms are the ideal candidate for this luxury and give the most R.O.I. and these are the ones we are talking about.

A 25k investment could add an additional 50 to 60 k in value on today’s market. The Folks at Orlando Star Home Theater have stated that they have seen increases of 70k or more in  the upper middle class and more affluent areas of Orlando, making it a great financial and family move in that area or region.

So if you are looking to invest, you may want to invest it in your home if you love media and movies.



How to build a barnwood bench

How To Build A Rustic Barnwood Bench out of barn wood or DIY distressed wood, use any old wood with this approach, aged wood with a solution of vinegar and rusty iron.

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